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We created the Local Lead Machine to compete with the big software boys.  Often with those other guys you are left broke and helpless before your first lead is ever submitted.  We have seen clients pay upwards of $10,000 for a similar or inferior system and hundreds monthly for "Maintenance Fees".  Lets be real here, the only maintenance these guys are doing is balancing their checkbook with your money.   We have seen clients totally bewildered by system functionality of those other guys software.  We have designed Local Lead Machine to be totally idiot proof with the features the big boys boast about as exclusive to them.  Below you will find "some" yes "some" of the many features of Local Lead Machine, we dare you to compare at our price point.  We cant be beaten toe to toe.


Front End Website

Industry 1st every system includes a professionally designed front end website that allows you to be up and running soon after install of your Local Lead Machine.  Operate as a niche focused site or as a lead generation company.  No other company offers this solution with their system, often you are out a few more thousand dollars for front end design.  Enjoy it free with LLM.


International System Setup

Within minutes you can set up your countries settings on LLM.  Postal Code Name, State/Province Name, and Monetary Symbol.   Over 50% of LLM buyers are international users.


Member Registration

Complete signup system designed to engage lead buyers interest in your services.  If you have several landing pages that generate members you can use form code given so Local Lead Machine is transparent.


WYSIWYG Content Management System

Add, Edit, Delete pages in your provided website and static thank you pages and emails with our handy dandy content manager.  What you see in your editor is what users see on your site, exactly!


FAQ Manager

Manage FAQs on your provided website and member back office.  Set publishing status, edit, order and placements of FAQs upon publication.


Custom Designed to use your Payment Processor

Every system we sell we will customize to use your in house payment processor.  System is defaulted with PayPal but you can bring in Card Services, Linkpoint, whoever you want to process.


Real Time Exclusive Lead Delivery and Customer Introduction

When a lead passes into Local Lead Machine, the lead is distributed live to lead buyers based on matching criteria.  State, Postal Code, Niche, and Micro niche filter.  Members can set their account for leads delivered per day and postal codes they want leads from.  All leads are delivered in a round robin and all users get sent leads equally.  When matching criteria is found the customer and business are instantly introduced each others contact information to begin immediate engagement.


Lead Cherry Picker and Shopping Cart

Lead buyers have access in their back office to the lead cherry picker.  There are leads that have not been distributed for any reason.  Members can filter leads and buy them instantly, or add them to their cart and batch out leads in one big purchase.  Purchased leads are instantly delivered to their inbox and their personal database of leads.  Cherry picker does a great job teasing the user to generate more sales.


3rd Party Incoming Lead Streamer

Local Lead Machine allows you to receive leads from 3rd party aggregators and provides concise instructions on utilizing their system with ours.  Leads delivered into your local lead machine are distributed live to lead buyers.  Arbitrage your leads instantly.


3rd Party Outgoing Lead Streamer

Local Lead Machine allows you to send leads to 3rd party aggregators and provides concise instructions on utilizing their system with ours.  Leads delivered into your local lead machine are distributed live to the aggregators.  Arbitrage your leads instantly.


Affiliate CPA System (Affiliate Program)

Affiliates are the lifeblood of alot of online businesses.  Our system allows affiliates to register, extract affiliate form code and track profits, commissions, and over production.  You can even set member commission % on every lead sold and sell them products or advice in their own marketing center found in their backoffice.


Real Time Admin Dashboard

As soon as you login to your admin you are introduced with a beautifully laid out system that lets you see live data on your website activities.  See leads requiring approval, recent logins, recent deposits, recent leads submitted, recent leads purchased and lead disputes all on one page.


Industry 1st Robust Marketing and Help Center

Not only do we sell system but we pass on tips and tricks on our past successes in lead generation, constantly evolving back office with useful information.  We even send free products on a monthly basis, whether it be flex theme word press templates or marketing white papers.  The valuable information we give makes Local Lead Machine a priceless investment in your future.  Access to our help tickets and system how to videos is always a click away.


Mass Email System

Builing lists and relationships with the lists you maintain can be fruitful.  Our system lets you mail members, affiliates, and vertical optin customers with built in email campaign manager.   Our system is 100% can spam compliant with a built in opt out system and supression list.  Other system features are click tracking and opened email tracking.


Bogus Lead Notification System

Each system vertical can be set up to notify you of a bogus lead.  Bogus leads from bad addressing, bad words and duplicate data all are scored on a scale from 1-100 to determine how bogus the leads is or if the bogus data is a simple misspelled city.  Repair leads and send them off to lead buyers or purge them from the system with a click of the mouse.


Lead Dispute System

From time to time a bogus lead may pass to a buyer.  Our system manages these disputes with ease.  You can reject or accept disputes with a click of a mouse.  Our system even includes and industry first lead due diligence system.  Compare and verify data against customer claims fast.


System Configuration

Setup and Edit your system with a simple 5 minute form.  Set company data, lead delivery notification, Deposit Bonuses, Set exclusive or non exclusive system set up.  Change site from niche focused to lead generation company with a click.  Set country addressing format and monetary symbols.


MySQL Databasing with Interaction Functionality

Robust and feature rich system lets you view, import, export, inline edit, advanced search, delete data in databases for Members, Leads, Payments, Transactions, and Territorial lists.


Automated Payment Collection

System automatically collects payment via PayPal or any other processor and transfers payment data to the system instantly.  Upon payment lead buyers have instant access to funds to buy leads.  Set minimum deposit amounts and track sales in the payments database and transaction sales database.


Vertical Creation Center

Create Unlimited Verticals with a click of a mouse.  System guides you on the next steps to go live with the vertical.


On the Fly Form Creation

System collects 15 pieces of contact data and allows you to hide or display these on your form.  You can add up to 10 additional form questions into your vertical questionnaire.  Setup micro niches, text fields, and drop downs.  Choose which questions you want to appear in the cherry picker and which ones you want to hide.  You can activate the lead for purchases, turn on/off email verification, turn on/off phone verification, turn on/off GEO Location Verification and bad word filter.  This system can be used to create simple opt in forms, contact forms, and complex forms.  System provides html to plug into any website you can even edit the style in your personal editor to jazz it up.


Lead Importing and Exporting

You can import leads from Excel or CSV.  System provides full instructions how to structure your excel file before entry into the system and handles the upload and database integration.  You can also export reports data in Excel, Word, CSV, or XML


Vertical Pricing Schedule and Settings

Upon creation of your vertical you can set the pricing schedule for exclusive and non-exclusive leads, aged leads, and set daily pricing and promotions.  The system will calculate all your settings when a lead is submitted and purchased.


Vertical Landing Page Configuration

Since Local Lead Machine operates in complete transparency, when you embed the form into your landing page the code will call on LLM to retrieve your custom thank you email settings, site settings, and thank you page URL.


Member Management Center

In this robust system you can manage new registrants and approve them and push the final welcome email.  Activate and Deactivate Members.  Manually enter payments from checks, wires, etc.  Setup lead discount ratios where a member can get a flat % off all leads.  Set their leads per day.  Edit their profile.  Assign them to a lead type and micro niches.  Allow and Disallow states they are not licensed to do business in.  And view their dashboard of all the live data for that user.


Password Lost and Found

For users that forget their username and password.  The system finds the users credentials to login from their email address.  They are resent the original welcome email they received upon sign up.


Built in Landing Page Generator

Create flashy landing pages for your products using our landing page wizard.  Wizard instructs you what to enter and where to put your lead capture form code.  In the end you can see your landing page and even download it in a zip file.  Create pages in literally seconds.


Banner and AdSense Manager

This system allows you to plug in banners, ad sense and 3rd party affiliate code and creates its own tracking code.  System tracks impressions and clicks of your campaigns live in real time.  Place the code on any website and the tracking code will speak to Local Lead Machine.


Ad Tracker System

You can setup ad trackers that trace users and members through your site using a provided ad tracker URL Code.  System will track from where you are getting the most leads, or lead buyers and track and compare income earned from these campaigns against the cost entered for the campaign


Bad Word Filter System

When a customer comes through your site, their lead is scrutinized for words that are not allowed to pass through the system.   If the system detects any bad words the system owner is notified to manage this possible bogus lead in their admin.  You can edit the lead and then push it to matching buyers or delete the lead from the system with a click of a mouse!


Lead Phone Verification System

When a customer comes through your site, they are notified instantly to click a link that validates their phone number.  Once clicked they are sent to the page that calls the client and invokes them to enter a 4 digit pin.  This system used in conduction with the lead email verification system can assure real lead data and increase the value of the lead where you can charge more


Lead Email Verification System (Double Opt In)

When a customer comes through your site, they are notified instantly to check their email and click a link that validates their submission.  Once clicked they are sent to the page that validates their email and thanks them for their business.  This system used in conjunction with the lead phone verification system can assure real lead data and increase the value of the lead where you can charge more.


Lead GEO Location Verification System

When a lead passes through the Local Lead Machine system, the lead city, state and postal code are cross referenced for an exact match.  If the system detects any deficiencies the system owner is notified to manage this possible bogus lead in their admin.  You can repair the lead and then push it to matching buyers with a click of a mouse!


Push Lead to Buyers System

For those that import lead in bulk, this system allows you to deliver those leads as if they were live leads.  System will cycle through all leads and find matching buyers and deliver those leads in real time based on the members lead retrieval settings.  All leads that are un deliverable are place into the cherry picker for members to pick up leads that may be out of their scope of zip code, state, or micro-niche.  System auto deducts funds from users accounts and records all transactions.  All this from the click of a mouse!


How Powerful Is Local Lead Machine?

The platform is so powerful it is the base system for most sites we run.  With features you'd expect from a business class piece of software LLM can be easily modified to run your site business.  For custom quotes on site design please contact us


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