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Local Lead Machine is the brainchild of lead genration pros Christopher Griffin and Edward Hopkins.  Both bring their own unique abilities into the Local Lead Machine platform.  As lead generators they generated over ten thousand commercial loan and residential loan leads during the financial boom of the early 2000's


During this business venture they perfected the Local Lead Machine, formally known as the Mortgage Lead Solution.  After years of development, they brought the system to the masses.  Over 500 platforms sold from 2006-2008.  In late 2010 the system was perfected and made for the Local and Nationwide Lead Generation Industry.


Today, Local Lead Machine is the premiere affordable solution.  In todays economy everyone is hurting, even businesses.  We have structured our pricing of our feature rich system so even the small internet marketer / lead generator can get a big bite into the business without the extravegant expense.


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The Local Business Solution The Automatic Prospecting System SMS Prospecting System

Distribute Coupons and Collect Leads on behalf of a Local Business.  Run your own group buy type system on auto pilot!

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Use the power of bluetooth technology to deliver a stream of walk in traffic to local businesses
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Use the power of SMS technology to deliver coupons and other live notifications to local businesses
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