In case you have been living under a rock the last 18 months, our economy is in the dumps. Small businesses are closing their doors EVERYDAY and many are clinging onto high priced offline advertising that is bleeding them dry! They need and want new customers and new sales to stay afloat in these tough times, not fancy hype of promised top page rankings or multiple social bookmark pages they don't even understand or care to.


This Secret Weapon is called Local Lead Machine, which has been refined and perfected over the past seven years. This unique system will put you on a fast track to providing what businesses owners so desperately need. In fact, they will pay big bucks for "customers" but you have to look the part. No more fly by night contact forms on web pages or pretenders taking a shot in the dark approach. Businesses are too smart for that my friend. You need CREDIBILITY, A PROVEN SYSTEM and a desire to succeed.

Make No Mistake, to have credibility in the Lead Generation Business you need to have a Lead Distribution System that showcases your Company as the REAL DEAL in the Lead Generation Industry.


Generating "local leads" is child's play compared to overcrowded niches everyone else is fight for. Of course, real success is determined by what you do with the system but we hand you the tools and training you need to succeed in this ULTRA profitable arena. Choose a niche or SEVERAL, it is up to you.

Local Lead Machine HANDLES UNLIMITED NICHES With Ease!

With so many niches on local levels to choose from and the potential to not only sell leads but get paid on CLOSED LEADS, the sky really is the limit with this powerful system and LLM will handle 1 niche or 1000!

This Power is well within reach but.. the question always remains ..

"What are you going to do with what has been provided for you?"


Vertical (Lead Type)

# Lead Generated per week

CPL (Cost Per Lead) "What you charge"








Law Firm





Dental Braces










In this example we show a profit of $6,600 per month from offering 4 Lead Verticals.  This is assuming you already have websites that match the Vertical.  Now lets say you had a budget of $100 per week for each vertical.  You advertise locally in newspaper, coupon book, or Google Adwords.  Keep in mind you will have better success in your immediate LOCAL MARKET.  Especially in Google Adwords, keyword competition almost non existent locally.  So even spending $400 a week or $1600 a month for advertising your still in profit at $5000.  You only need a few lead buyers in your local area to make this kind of dough.

Now you may be a national lead guru but if your a beginner going Local with this business will give you great results off the bat.  Great supplemental income even if you already have a job!  If you approach a couple Chiropractors in your area about leads, they will be all over you like flies on a rib roast.  All local companies are hurting for leads and you are just the person they want to see.  You could throw him a few free leads and once he sees how responsive they are he's a lock to buy leads from you.  Its all a numbers game for a chiropractor.  They use a Cost Per Customer basis to determine a profit stance after advertising.   So he buys 10 leads for $25 he is out $250 for the leads.  3 of those leads come in for a neck cracking at $85.  Right there they have made their money back.  Now 2 of those 3 customers like the service they received from the chiropractor and they become a returning customer coming on once per month.  That's 2 customers, 12 visits per year, at $85 a visit.  Now that initial $250 lead investment is yielding $2,000 per year.  

So now you see that these companies have no problem throwing money your way for leads.



  • What if you had an AUTOMATED LEAD MANAGEMENT AND SELLING SYSTEM that was child simple to learn and use, then did everything but pick the kids up from school?
  • What if you followed our advice and started setting up Local Lead Machines across your City or any City?
  • What if you had hungry business owners joining your system, patiently waiting for you to provide them hot leads that could help keep their doors open?
  • What if you started generating these leads and allowed the system to handle all the complicated stuff like LEAD TRACKING, LEAD SELLING and REAL TIME DELIVERY.. All On Auto Pilot, while you focus on building customer relationships?
  • What if they closed JUST one of your leads and kept coming back for more, allowing the need to only work with a handful of "I want more" businesses?
  • What if you realized that just ONE niche in your local market could keep you busy for MONTHS, IF NOT YEARS, as happy lead buyers will come back again and again for more?
  • What if you understood that there is an entire world out there where people will gladly PAY you fees of $1000 or more for providing leads that convert to sales and all this can be managed by Local Lead Machine?
  • What if NEARLY EVERY BUSINESS in the US and abroad would be interested in what you have to offer
  • What if you could offer this service without asking the business for a single PENNY UP FRONT?
  • What if you were provided with a COMPLETE Lead Generator Starter Package jam packed with training videos / audio that took you by the hand and showed you how to generate leads for free and sign up as many businesses as you can handle?

NOW, WOULD YOU TURN THIS AUTOMATED MONSTER LOOSE and Start Dominating Local Markets and Helping Small Businesses?

Professional Front End Website - Operate it as a Niche (Chiropractic, Lawyer, Construction, Etc) or Operate it as a Lead Generation Company.  This can be done with one click of a mouse.

Member Sign Up Forms - Whether you operate your site as a Niche or a Lead Generation Company Members (Lead Buyers) can sign up at your site.

Exclusive Lead Delivery - When a client fills out any lead form from any of the verticals you have created they Local Lead Machine matches that client with a member who has selected criteria (Zip Codes and Lead Type) where they wish to receive leads from.  Complete GEO-TARGETING.  Upon a match found both the Member and the Client are instantaneously introduced to each other and business between parties commences.

Lead Cherry Picker System - Any lead that passes through Local Lead Machine that cannot be distributed to a member is instantly placed into a lead cherry picker where members can choose leads to buy.  Pricing Schedules can be set up for all lead types, set exclusive pricing, daily pricing, promotional discounts. You can also set the cherry picker so that up to 3 members can buy the same lead.  System can operate as a pure exclusive lead distribution system OR non exclusive AND exclusive.

Automated PayPal Funds Collection - You can set minimum amount when members load or reload there lead buying account.  PayPal Collects the funds and instantly places proper credits into the members account.  Now members can buy leads instantly... NO WAITING.

Admin Center - Full Featured power pack of features.  Recent Activity Dashboards, Website Setup Center, Intensive Databases of Members, Leads, Purchase Transactions, Deposits and more.  Complete member management center.  Verticals Creation Wizard, Website Content Manager and FAQ Manager.Front End Website Lead Form - If you operate as a Niche Focused Site your CUSTOM Lead form appears on the site

Unlimited Niche Verticals - With LLM, you can create unlimited vertical (sub) niches on the fly and use our internal landing page creator to design pages for these niches. Then, just place the form field lead code within the landing page builder and publish. You can always edit and customize this page at any time.

Child-Simple Form Integration - We provide you with clear instructions and code for embedding the lead form code into Wordpress and any HTML document. Easy and fast!

Integration with 3rd Party Lead Aggregators (sp) - LLM is set up to work with a leading 3rd party lead provider so it is possible to auto populate your system with fresh leads you buy for wholesale, then sell retail.

Easy to Use but Powerful - LLM contains a Wizard-type approach to setting up your system. Just follow along and your system can be set up in no time. We also provide tutorial videos on each LLM function in case you run into a snag.




You Receive the entire Local Lead Machine System, All Bonuses and Video Tutorials on the System and Lifetime Free Hosting and Support!



Local Lead Machine Installment Plan Click Here




UPON COMPLETION OF PAYMENT - Please RETURN TO in Paypal. You will be directed to our SYSTEM SET UP PAGE


We don't Create Junk. With each product we sell you get far more than what you paid for. My other video creation courses have sold hundred's of copies and you can feel assured you will get outstanding value from your purchase. Each purchase provides you with unlimited support and our on going guidance.

Buy with confidence!






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