Local Lead Machine - The Affordable and Powerful Lead Generation System


Make No Mistake, to have credibility in the Lead Generation Business you need to have a Lead Distribution System that showcases your Company as the REAL DEAL in the Lead Generation Industry.


Refined and perfected over the last seven years, Local Lead Machine gives your company true perceived reputation to your lead buyers and an automated mechanism to create forms, harvest leads and deliver them in real time to your buyers.


Local Lead Machine allows you to harvest leads from unlimited verticals while at the same time offing 100% transparency to your vertical customers.  Our Lead Generation Software works for companies of all sizes. 


For the individual part time lead generator / entrepreneur our system will allow you to focus on marketing while our software does the "Dirty" work of harvesting, selling and distributing of leads.  No more emailing semi-fresh leads to your lead buyers via email, often it is too late as customers are looking for instant gratification online. Costing your reputation with your lead buyers and costing you the relationships you worked so hard to develope.  Whether your selling leads Cost Per Lead or Cost Per Action where you send leads away to companies to fulfill and you earn a commission, Local Lead Machine handles the process while at the same time lending full reporting and tracking.


For mid to large sized companies, Local Lead Machine can deliver the goods, whether you are importing leads, streaming leads in from 3rd party aggregators, or using Local Lead Machine as a funnel.  Our system will give your company the performance required to deliver exclusive and non-exclusive leads in an automated environment while at the same time providing transparency and appearance YOU created this wonderful peice of software to enhance your client experience.


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Local Lead Machines is our Flagship Product, Don't Miss Out on Our Other Great Local Lead Tools

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Distribute Coupons and Collect Leads on behalf of a Local Business.  Run your own group buy type system on auto pilot!

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Use the power of bluetooth technology to deliver a stream of walk in traffic to local businesses
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Use the power of SMS technology to deliver coupons and other live notifications to local businesses
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Use Local Lead Machine for these Verticals:
Home Loans
- Commercial Loans
- Auto Loans
- Personal Loans
- Medical Practices
- Law Practices
- Private Practices
- Insurance
- Software and Web Design Services
- Construction Services
- Multi Level Marketing MLM
You create it - Local Lead Machine works it all with 100% Automation

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